Children's Rocking Horses

Rocking horse lovers in search of high quality children's rocking horse are well served by Morton Rocking Horse Company. It specialises in beautiful rocking horses for children.

These are special children's wooden rocking horses, including Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse (see below). If your child or the child for whom you are buying a rocking horse deserves the best in children's rocking horses, we recommend these children's rocking horses.


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Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse

"Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse" has delighted children all over the world. This rocking horse's smiling face and smooth beech wood surface invite the child to stroke and to ride the rocking horse.

This child's rocking horse is perfect for the youngest children to grow into and should continue to delight the child as he or she grows up.

Optional extras include the lovely made-to measure leather saddle and bride shown in the picture.

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